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MissionKit Entwicklungstools

MissionKit Entwicklungstools

Version 2019 of Altova MissionKit desktop developer tools includes support for high-PPI monitors in XMLSpy and UModel, data mapping of Protocol Buffers in MapForce, new standards support across the product line, and much more. Read on for more details below, and visit the What's New page for more information on each product.


NEW in version 2019

New in XMLSpy® 2019

  • XMLSpy is going sharp - all new support for high resolution monitors
  • Support for XBRL Generic Preferred Label 1.0
  • Removal of duplicate XBRL facts
  • New entry helpers for XBRL Typed Domain
  • Support for US-GAAP 2018
  • Support for Eclipse 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8
  • Support for additional database versions:
    • Firebird 3
    • Informix 12.10
    • MariaDb 10.3
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
    • MySQL 8
    • PostgreSQL 10

XMLSpy 2019 has had an extensive UI revamp to fully support today's modern, high-PPI (pixel per inch) monitors, such as UHD, 4K, and "Retina"displays.

Developers working with high-PPI displays will find the new XMLSpy UI to be beautifully sharp on high-PPI screens of all sizes. In particular, graphical views such as the XML Schema, XBRL, and WSDL editors are vivid and easy to read.

Well known for the desktop developer tools are:

  • MissionKit
  • XMLSpy
  • MapForce
  • StyleVision
  • UModel
  • DatabaseSpy
  • DiffDog
  • SchemaAgent
  • Autentic