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Server Software Produkte

Server Software Produkte

All server products 2019 have significant improvements, especially in compatibility.


New in Altova Server Software 2019

New in FlowForce® Server 2019
  • Support for job distribution among multiple servers (Advanced Edition)

For the ultimate in high-performance and high-availability, FlowForce Server Advanced Edition now supports splitting tasks across multiple computers.

Administrators can configure a primary server and multiple secondary servers, allowing for excellent scalability with a group of computers sharing heavy data processing jobs. At the same time, this allows for high-availability: if one of the secondary computers stops functioning, the system will still continue to process FlowForce jobs.

New in RaptorXML® Server 2019
  • Python API now supports XPath, XSLT, and XQuery
  • Support for XBRL Generic Preferred Label (Raptor XML+XBRL Server)
  • Removal of duplicate XBRL facts (Raptor XML+XBRL Server)
New in MapForce® Server 2019
  • Support for Protocol Buffers
  • Additional functionality for node functions (Advanced Edition)
  • Support for additional database versions
New in StyleVision® Server 2019
  • Support for MIME-compatible HTML
  • Support for additional database versions
New in DiffDog® Server 2019
  • Support for comparing Word (docx.) documents
  • Support for directory aliases

v2019 is included for all current customers of Altova Server Software.

Get your reseller offer from your personal contact or by e-mail at: sales@compuwave.de or by phone at 0049-89-23141420.


High speed processing for modern data processing workflows

The Altova family of high-performance server software products leverages the power of today's parallel computing environments to automate critical business processes. Altova Server products provide cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.

RaptorXML Server, MapForce Server, and StyleVision Server can all be used as standalone products or in combination with FlowForce Server's comprehensive workflow management capabilities. FlowForce Server's easy-to-use Web interface allows you to implement, manage, and monitor multi-tier jobs with extensive access control options. MobileTogether Server can also be integrated with FlowForce.

Well known for desktop developer tolls are:

  • MapForce Server
  • StyleVision Server
  • Flowforce Server
  • RaptorXML Server
  • LicenseServer

 Further information on these products can be found on the manufacturer's page.