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Objective Systems

Founded in 1997, Objective Systems is a privately held company that develops and licenses software products that support international open system interconnection standards.

Objective´s mission is the development of software that promotes interoperability between all type of systems.
We believe this is best achieved by supporting open standards.


ASN1C ASN.1 Compiler: a code generation tool that takes as input an ASN.1 specification and outputs code in different programming languages including C, C++, Java, and C#.

ASN1VE ASN.1 Viewer/Editor: a graphical user interface application for analyzing and editing ASN.1 encoded data.

XBinder XML Schema Compiler: a code generation tool that takes as input an XML Schema Definition (XSD) specification and outputs code to create and parse XML messages.




ASN1C ASN.1 Compiler

ASN1C ASN.1 Compiler Objective Systems' ASN1C compiler translates ASN.1 and/or XML schema (XSD) source specifications into C, C++, C#, or Java source code. Developers can use this code to translate structures/objects to and from finished ASN.1 messages using any of the ITU-T/ISO encoding rules (BER, CER, DER, PER or XER) as well as the ISO/IEEE Medical Device Encoding Rules (MDER) and NTCIP Octet Encoding Rules (OER). ASN1C also includes tools for converting XSD specifications to ASN.1 specifications and vice versa.



XML TO CODE GENERATION TOOL Efficient, Low Cost XML Data Binding and XML to Code Generation Speeds Your Project's Time-To-Market The complexity of producing well constructed, reliable class libraries from XML schema can challenge any project's timeline and staff productivity. The XBinder XML code generation tool substantially streamlines and simplifies a project's development and maintenance time by automatically serializing objects into XML and deserializing XML into C, C++, Java, or C# objects.