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In 2002, AT&T closed their Cambridge, UK research laboratory, formerly the Olivetti Research Laboratory, ending a productive, decade-long collaboration with the world-famous Computing Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

The founders, the original inventors of VNC, immediately formed RealVNC to build upon the enormous popular appeal of VNC with the open source community, and to leverage the growing commercial appetite for enterprise-class remote access software.

Today, RealVNC is a multi-award winning company with customers in 160 countries.


OUT NOW! VNC Connect instant support: SIMPLE – FAST – SECURE

Instant support is a new capability for VNC Connect Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. It represents a new way of connecting to remote computers that do not, or cannot, have remote access software installed.

All your remote access requirements in a single subscription!

VNC Connect now offers traditional unattended device access and ad-hoc instant support. These are not separate products, but two capabilities within VNC Connect that are managed with a single, simple subscription (Professional or Enterprise). Your customers can choose the capabilities that are right for their business!

Subscribing couldn’t be easier. Customers simply have to choose the number of technicians that will use instant support and the number of computers required for device access. If your customer already has a VNC Connect subscription, there’s no need to buy another one – Technicians can be added to it at any time.

VNC Connect instant support – It’s simple, fast and secure!

  • Instant support uses a cloud brokered connection, so no network reconfiguration is required
  • It allows your customers to provide simple and secure ad-hoc technical support
  • Your customers can enable instant support as part of their existing VNC Connect subscription
  • Instant Support allows simple passcode authorization, file transfer, session history and messaging
  • Once sessions are complete, no software footprint is left behind
  • With an Enterprise subscription, your customers can even brand the app with their company logo



VNC Connect

VNC Connect

Every day millions of people around the world use VNC Connect to improve the efficiency of their businesses. VNC Connect combines the convenience of a cloud service with the flexibility of direct connectivity, giving organizations the ability to optimize a remote access strategy to meet the needs of their business. VNC Connect is licensed under a subscription model with three clearly defined audiences; Home, Professional and Enterprise.



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