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VNC Connect

VNC Connect

VNC Connect

Every day millions of people around the world use VNC Connect to improve their business efficiency. VNC Connect combines the convenience of a cloud service with the flexibility of direct connectivity, giving organizations the ability to optimize a remote access strategy to meet their business needs. VNC Connect is licensed under a subscription model with three clearly defined target groups: Home, Professional and Enterprise.

Details about VNC Connect can be found on the RealVNC website

This saves time, money and much more.

VNC Connect delivers compelling business ROI, lowers IT support costs, improves service quality, increases business application efficiency, enables new revenue and supports regulatory compliance initiatives.
How VNC Connect remote access increases operational efficiency:
Cost reduction: Reduce support repetition rates, average call processing time, and costs for on-site activities.
Save time: Reduce the need to create special training and documentation for remote support.
Improve quality: Deliver a dedicated, real-time service that improves employee and customer satisfaction.
Increase in uptime: Acceleration of problem detection and resolution, avoidance of downtime
Minimize risks: Anticipate and prevent system failures and risks associated with on-site service activities.
Achieve your goals: Support of corporate goals and compliance obligations through audit and security functions

VNC Connect addresses a range of remote access and control requirements for business and home use. For each bag, there is a plan with appropriate security and productivity features and volume discounts. Within VNC Connect you can choose between a Home, Professional or Enterprise subscription:

ENTERPRISE: Powerful, flexible and highly secure remote access

The IT Warrior, responsible for thousands of computers that support many users, combat security threats and upgrade systems. A flexible and secure remote access strategy for the entire company is required. With the Enterprise subscription, your customers have the tools to respond to their ever-changing business landscape.

Everything in PROFESSIONAL, plus:

  • Direct TCP connectivity, so no Internet is required.
  • single sign-on authentication
  • 256-bit session encryption
  • Powerful deployment strategies
  • Remote configuration and locking via policy
  • Access to the logon screen or individual desktops
  • Creating virtual desktops on Linux platforms

PROFESSIONAL: Powerful and secure remote access for departments and small businesses

The office hero, always multitasking and struggling to be in more than one place at a time. Your customers need a fast and easy remote access service they can trust. With the Professional subscription, you can access critical systems and applications from any device in the world. Be everywhere and never leave your desk.

Everything in HOME, plus:

  • Control any number of remote computers
  • Invite as many people as you like for shared access
  • System authentication for platform integration
  • Transfer files between computers
  • Printing to a local printer
  • Chat with other connected users
  • Dedicated support channel

HOME: Easy remote access for friends and family (non-commercial use only!)


  • Cloud connectivity, so no reconfiguration of the network is required.
  • Control up to 5 remote computers
  • Invite 2 more people to join you
  • Connect from your desktop or mobile phone
  • VNC password authentication
  • 128-bit session encryption

The VNC Connect Home subscription is free for personal, non-commercial use and is limited to support for five remote computers. The annual costs for using Professional and Enterprise software are based on three variables: the selected subscription, the computer level (number of remote computers) and the duration of the subscription contract (1, 3 or 5 years).

The following matrix summarizes the most important functions and possibilities of the Home, Professional and Enterprise subscription:

Details about VNC Connect can be found on the RealVNC website.