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Webix is a JavaScript UI Library developed by the IT outsourcing company XB Software. The library provides flexible and responsive UI components for cross-browser desktop and mobile web-applications. At the moment, Webix library includes more than 80 UI widgets and feature-rich controls that can be easily adjusted to different tastes and needs. Besides, Webix can be integrated with third party libraries, frameworks and tools. And all that makes web developers and companies from small businesses to the Fortune 500 happy.

Why Use Webix UI Library?

  • Understandable Logic:Using Webix JS framework means an elegant and lightweight code based on object-oriented programming concepts.

  • JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries Integration: Webix based apps are easily associated with jQuery JavaScript library, MVC frameworks AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js, and third party UI extensions.

  • Fast Performance for Big Datasets: Even with large DataTables, Trees, Lists, etc. your apps will respond in the nick of time due to paging and dynamic loading.

  • Cross Platform and Browser Support: Webix helps build web applications for all devices and browsers.

  • Pure JavaScript:Full client side solution for animated or highly interactive dashboards due to the instant updates of HTML5 components.

  • Web Accessibility: Webix library meets WAI-ARIA standards and adds accessibility support for those who need assistive technologies.

  • Simple Server Side Interaction: All backend platforms can interact with our JavaScript UI framework, besides you can use solutions for Java, PHP, .NET.

  • Unlimited Extensibility: You can customize available components and create your own ones — you can modify all the options of the components available without a loss of functionality.

Most Popular Webix Components


Webix provides powerful data management widgets for various data manipulations, like DataTable. Built with an innovative approach and the latest web development trends in mind, this JavaScript Table is great for quick processing of large amounts of data. It can be easily integrated with jQuery and is fully editable, sortable, flexible, reliable and accessible. It supports data validation, drag-and-drop functionality, paging, saving the current state of the table and many more.


Data visualization widgets help present data in a clear and visually appealing way. Webix allows you to create charts and include them into your apps. The Charts widget includes such popular diagram types as line, spline, area, bar, pie, 3D-pie, donut, scatter, and radar. You can define the graph appearance by changing the design of all its elements, including the tooltip, color, scale, template and more. With Charts, you can create several diagrams, combine them within one component, sort and filter them; besides, you can create dynamic diagrams to demonstrate the change of data over time.

Complex Javascript UI Widgets

Apart from simple UI components, Webix library provides a number of awesome complex widgets that can be used as standalone apps:

  • JavaScript Spreadsheet lets users integrate Excel like sheets in web applications and work with them online. This widget is extremely helpful for efficient Excel-files sharing and co-editing.

  • JavaScript Kanban board is a tool for viewing and controlling work in progress. Kanban is pretty handy for monitoring the workflow of a big company.

  • JavaScript Pivot is designed for well-organized visual table reports and graphical presentation of data. Pivot can be a reliable friend in case of an urgent report under tight deadlines.

  • JavaScript File Manager is a user-friendly component that allows managing hierarchical data and navigating through it. This widget helps viewing directories without opening browser dialogues.

  • JavaScript Mobile Scheduler is a fully-fledged cross-platform tool for displaying, adding and managing events in daily, weekly, monthly views for mobile devices.

Webix is available in three standard packs: 

Developer Pack

This pack is provided for one developer and includes UI library and Pivot Complex widget. You can receive updated versions of Webix and get Support during one year. A developer is provided with unlimited number of support tickets during the first month and 6 tickets during the rest of the year with maximum response time of 48 hours.

Team Pack

This is the most popular pack, that includes UI library plus 2 complex widgets. Support plan subscription and updates for complex widgets are also valid for 1 year. The number of support tickets is 50 and the response time is twice as short as for Developer Pack. Besides, emergency bug fixes are provided.

Enterprise Pack

This pack is created for bigger developer teams and includes UI library and complex widgets. Updates and support plan subscription are valid during a year, plus the number of tickets isn’t limited. This pack also includes emergency bug fixes, integration audit and apart from that you will be get 10 live chat tickets.

Custom Pack

If you haven’t found a pack to your liking, Webix can provide you with a Custom Pack with arbitrary number of developers, custom license agreement and additional development services.