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Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE

One IDE, one license for all your languages and frameworks: Komodo is the professional IDE for multiple languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Google Go, Perl, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. It is a great IDE for team development, or for individual developers looking to code in one—or many—languages. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux.


When you're working on a project on your own, the power of Komodo IDE is obvious in the features: code intelligence, debugging, version control, great workflow and file management, and extensibility. The newest track changes, commando and markdown viewer add to the power of Komodo.

But have you considered Komodo for team dev?

Komodo is also the perfect IDE for teams with:

  • flexible licensing and easy adoption (includes keybindings for Vi/Emacs, Windows, Mac natively; can add Sublime keybindings)
  • installers for Windows, Mac, Linux (or all three)
  • debugging, code intelligence and advanced editing for multiple languages
  • real time collaboration
  • source code control
  • coding standards
  • toolbox
  • extensible and customizable
  • NO Java dependencies
  • 15 years' solid foundation
  • include Upgrades & Support (first year + with added subscription for following years)