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Device42 Core Module

Device42 Core Module

Device42 Core Module

The core module is the foundation of any additional module. The major capabilities of the core Device42 application include DCIM and Asset Management, IP Address Management and Password Management.

DCIM and Asset Management

room layout with heat maps

Device42's powerful data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities have revolutionized they way IT departments manage

their data centers. With powerful data center management and visualization tools, IT staff also have access to intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflect their IT environment.

Device42 manages a plethora of assets within the data center and in the cloud:
Rooms, racks, servers, virtual machines, iPDU’s, cabling, passwords, IP’s... and much more

High-level capabilities include:

  • Rack elevations (front and back)
  • Patch panel management
  • Full CMDB for servers and other IT assets
  • Comprehensive, agentless auto-discovery

IP Address Management

Managing IP’s in the data center is a vitally important component to effectively managing an IT infrastructure. The more IP’s and devices, the more complexity exists around managing IP addresses. Because a simple IP mistake can have profound effects on the operation of a data center, the importance of Device42’s IP address management becomes apparent and vital.

IP Address Management with device42 software

Device42’s IP address management capabilities include:

  • Centralized management IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Full VRF groups and nested subnet support
  • Sync with DNS servers
  • Automatically keep IP information up-to-date
  • Provide subnet tree for comprehensive operations

Password ManagementCentralized password management

In an era of increased security threats and and exponential IT infrastructure growth, having a centralized and secure vault for storing tracking shared passwords used between IT team members is a critical requirement.

Device42’s password management capabilities include:

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Permission control per password
  • Protects storage & backup passwords
  • Passwords are not in HTML views and are only retrieved when requested
  • Copy passwords to clipboard without displaying them