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LogZilla - global provider of event management software

LogZilla Corporation is a global provider of Event Management software for syslog and many other message types. It allows to easily search and manage messages from routers, switches, servers, applications, or any device capable of sending them. This provides companies with the tools to improve network availability, resiliency, and operational efficiency. LogZilla software collects and indexes machine data at a massive scale allowing users to quickly and easily search, analyze, monitor and report on this data in real time. The alerting and scripting capabilities make LogZilla a truly 'Next Generation' tool.

Below are just a few of the benefits of using Logzilla as Event Management solution.

  • Detect and track suspicious behavior
  • Provide time stamped record of various activities such as customer and user activity
  • Supports forensic analysis
  • Generate and save custom compliance and regulatory reports
  • Support IT and Network maintenance and operations
  • Manage and reduce costs for IT Security
  • Monitor and Track Service Level Agreements
  • Adhere to industry compliance standards such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA

LogZilla is used by many leading organizations to index machine data and develop proactive network management plans. This allows for both problem and incident management which can be executed in real-time. Every network component needs to be monitored so that IT can effectively manage devices and prevent downtime. Downtime is lost revenue to any entity, LogZilla helps to increase revenue by decreasing network downtime through proactive event analysis.

Compuwave is official distributor of LogZilla.