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and for creation of ready-for- packages.

PACE Suite is a professional software packaging tool that allows creating and editing packages in Windows Installer and various virtualization format, as well as publishing packages to Microsoft SCCM. With its intuitive interface, wizards for common scenarios, and advanced editing capabilities, PACE Suite application packaging tool can be used by both novice packagers and experienced engineers.

PACE Suite includes MSI Generator, MSI Editor, and Docu Generator (all are available as portable options).



  • Build and edit MSI packages
  • Repackage any EXE installation to MSI/MST/App-V/ThinApp
  • Create and edit App-V 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 for Windows 10 packages
  • Publish your packages to SCCM 2007, 2012 and the current branch
  • Automatically create discovery documentation and installation instructions
  • Get package complexity estimation
  • Validate your packages against standard ICEs or your custom lists
  • Automate routine packaging tasks


PACE Suite has three types of licenses: Freelancer (for individual packagers), Enterprise (for internal use inside your organization), and Service Provider (for those providing services to their clients). All licenses are user based and allow multiple installs on physical and virtual machines for a license holder.

Each license comes with 1 free year of maintenance. Maintenance includes manufacturer’s support and access to regular hot fixes and major releases (usually, two releases per year).


It is a pleasure to provide you with a quote for Pace licenses. Please send your request to or call us: +49 (0) 89 - 231 4142-0.