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Tanuki Software

Tanuki Software

Tanuki Software, Ltd. is the market leader in the development of products to increase the reliability and portability of applications built on Java. The company's Java Service Wrapper product suite allows businesses and developers to rapidly deploy reliable Java based solutions on a wide variety of platforms in a consistent way. The Wrapper is a highly configurable tool which not only allow Java applications to be installed and controlled like native Windows Services or UNIX daemon processes, but also includes advanced fault detection software which monitors and reacts to problems, helping to guarantee 24/7 uptime of mission critical applications.

This is a list of benefits you get when you use the Java Service Wrapper with your Java Application:

  • There is no need for additional programming in your application to integrate it with our product.
  • Automatic customizable response when something happens in your application or JVM.
  • Notifications when there is a problem in need of attention.
  • Support better your customers thanks to our logging features.
  • You can schedule events in a standard way in various platforms.
  • Deploy and install your applications as a Windows Service or UNIX Daemon in various platforms.

The Java Service Wrapper is available in three editions:

  • Professional Edition - Includes all basic and advanced features.
  • Standard Edition - Includes all basic and some advanced features.
  • Community Edition - Includes all basic features.


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