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Acunetix - The Technology Leader in Web Application Security

Founded in 2004 to combat the alarming rise in web application attacks, Acunetix is the market leader, and a pioneer in automated web application security technology. Its flagship product is the result of several years of development by a team of highly experienced security developers. The online version of the product was introduced in 2014, giving easier access and greater flexibility to the growing cyber security market. Acunetix products and technologies are depended on globally by individual pen-testers and consultants, all the way to large organizations.

Firewalls, SSL and Hardened Networks Are Futile Against Web Application Hacking

As many as 70% of websites contain vulnerabilities that can lead to the theft of sensitive corporate data such as credit card information and customer lists. Website security must be a priority in any organization but remains overlooked. Hackers continue to concentrate on web-based applications such as shopping carts, forms, login pages and dynamic content. Web applications are accessible 24/7 and control valuable data since they often have direct access to back-end data.

Acunetix automatically tests websites and web applications for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks & over 3000 other web application vulnerabilities. In addition, Acunetix provides powerful Vulnerability Management tools for ensuring vulnerabilities are not only discovered, but remediated in context of business-criticality; as well as providing management with the tools and reports required to make strategic decisions.

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