You don't need eyes to see – you need vision

We have taken this to heart, closed our eyes, dreamed and woke up with a vision for a company in 2007.

We had the vision of becoming one of the leading providers for non-standard software manufacturers. initially also for end-users, but very early on we concentrated our efforts 100 % on specialist trade. We supply exclusively to trade (specialist dealerships, service providers, system houses, VAR‘s etc.)

We wish to be successful in what we do and make every effort to work towards this, in order to make our business partners successful – both manufacturers and resellers. We think of ourselves as the connecting link between these two.

We support our partners with know-how, prompt work and competence. However just as important for us is closeness to customers and personal advice. For only in this way can long-term cooperation and collaboration arise, which distinguish our very being.

We require employees with the best qualifications for this, who feel at ease in our company and who think on a long-term basis along with us.

This is why qualifications such as for example product training sessions, free of charge English courses, but also numerous company events such as summer fetes, canoe expeditions or Christmas parties are uppermost on the list of priorities in our company. Moreover, flexible planning of working hours and workplaces are taken-for-granted in our company – we trust our employees.

We have been very successful as a software distributor with this vision and realising it for more than ten years, with an emphasis on niche products.

Having reached the year 2019, we are growing continuously and have been recognised again as one of the fastest-growing companies in Germany – and our vision is a long, long way from being complete!



Senior Management

Oliver Schnapka

After studying business administration in Regensburg and Kempten and positions at Simon Marketing (with McDonalds as their principal customer) his path led him firstly as a marketer, later in other diverse roles into the IT industry to the re-publisher MicroBasic in Munich. Not only did he get to know the IT distribution market there, but he also met Holger Brunken, his future business partner.

Following the change to SOS software, where he built up the distribution business in a very short period, he entered Compuwave‘s senior management as a shareholder and executive director in 2009, in order to realise his joint vision of a leading non-standard software distributor together with Holger Brunken.

Along with his job as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Schnapka plays basketball, and heads off into the mountains as often as he can (climbing or skiing) and enjoys driving fast cars.

Holger Brunken

After training as a wholesaler and outside sales merchant and working for the Bremen Cotton Exchange for five years, Holger Brunken started studying economics in Bremen. This should be the keystone of his future career in the field of IT and as an entrepreneur.

After founding, establishing and selling a successful events agency, bringing Mr. Brunken to Munich as a consequence, he successfully established a software reseller here as a substantial software provider in B2C.

At the same time he already manages his company Compuwave Software & IT Services, which he transferred into a private limited company in 2007, in which he has been pursuing his vision of becoming one of the best providers of non-standard software together with Oliver Schnapka since 2009.

When he is not busy working for Compuwave, he can often be found at concerts, festivals and literary events. In addition he would like to extend, look after and add to his private collection of vinyl. He maintains his level of fitness for all these tasks and activities through swimming regularly and by windsurfing in the summertime.