We build bridges …

… between you as a reseller and manufacturers. For your core competence and day-to-day business is serving your customers in the best possible way and fulfilling their wishes. And we are happy to help you here. Threse things are significant here: Competency and qualification, managing procurement and sourcing as well as consultation.

Advantages for you through collaborating with us
Competency and Qualification

We have more than 1,000 manufacturers in our portfolio with several tens of thousands of products. We provide services to approx. 20 of these through distribution contracts. We train our employees on these products, and so they have comprehensive know-how and qualifications for these – from which you will profit, because you and your employees do not need to acquire these specific qualifications.

Procurement Management and Sourcing

We purchase almost 95% of all software for our trading partners located throughout Europe. When doing so we focus on niche products, which are not listed by other distributors on grounds of their size or which make acquiring an entire procurement process necessary. Sourcing „exotic“ products is after all one of our greatest strengths – if the software exists, we will find it. We find that this is a constituent part of good, personal customer relationships.


With our many years of experience in this sector of industry in a distribution environment, we are specialists in software acquisition, software distribution and licensing advice. We know exactly what is important to our partners, and what is significant. We are well-known for our know-how, speed and competency on the one hand – proximity to customers and personalised advice on the other hand.  This also includes offering our services in six languages; we speak German, English, French, Hungarian, Serbian and Croat.

Through our economies of scale (bulk discounts) you will reduce your IT costs and at the same time profit from our flexibility and through our swiftness and also our competency and individual service.

Do you have any questions, need any further information or would you like to request a proposal? Simply contact us – we look forward to receiving an e-mail from you: sales@compuwave.de

Just ask us – we look forward to hearing from you.