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Astah is an intuitive platform with stimulating presentation tools that increase understanding and productivity through a variety of chart types.

Compuwave is Astah's official distribution partner.

Imagine simple, accurate illustrations of your projects that illustrate the complexity of both your business transactions and your software at a glance.

Astah extends UML 2.x with additional useful diagrams for areas not covered by UML, such as mind maps, ERM, flowcharts, CRUD, dataflow diagrams, requirement tables and requirement diagrams. Astah is platform-independent and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Astah Modeling Tool

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Astah Professional

Astah Professional can load your project and quickly map it to a collection of diagrams that you can immediately use; mind maps, flowcharts, ERM, CRUD, requirement diagrams and more. Suddenly, you can view your project from countless perspectives that open up new ways of understanding and communicating.

Academic Licensing options

Academic Licensing options

Especially for schools (academic environment) Astah offers top conditions. Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website, please contact us if you have any questions regarding correct licensing or would like an offer.

Compuwave GmbH is a distribution partner in the German-speaking area. We don't offer an online shop, since we only offer daily updated prices, you can only secure your discount with us - so your contact is worth it.

Astah Faculty Site License (Campus-wide License) 
This license is a suggested option for HISinOne project.
Discover more in the case study. 

Astah Professional Individual Academic License 

More information about Astah Professional on the website of the manufacturer.

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Astah Engineering

Astah Products Bundled in One License

Astah started out as a modeling platform that catered expressly to the UML community, but as the company has matured, so has their software. As they have grown they have developed solutions for other broadly used modeling schemes like SysML and GSN. Today, Astah's products serve software developers, teachers, engineers, executives, authors and many more.

More information about Astah Engineering on the website of the manufacturer.

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Astah SysML

Systems Modeling with Astah SysML

Astah SysML is a systems design tool that supports design, specification, analysis, and verification of complex systems using models and practices put forth by the OMG. "SysML is already the industry standard for engineering large, complex systems." -CEO of the OMG Richard Mark Soley

Why Astah SysML?

Astah SysML is a "lightweight" and very user-friendly tool to develop with SysML. The intuitive GUI allows you a very easy start right after installation.

Simplicity - Astah SysML is simple, lightweight, and intuitive.

MindMapping - Integrated MindMapping with SysML makes it easier to gather and discuss ideas and use them with SysML effectively.

Multi-Platform - Astah SysML supports Windows, Mac, and Linux making cross team communication as easy as possible.

API & Plug-in Architecture - Extend usability, tool integration, and custom functionality via the API or Plug-ins.

More information about Astah SysML on the website of the manufacturer.

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Astah System Safety

Design, Verify and Validate

Astah System Safety is a modeling tool for safety-critical systems to support system architecture modeling, system safety assessment and analysis.
This is for the automotive domain industry with self-driving cars that work with SOTIF and ISO 26262, and aerospace, railways, defense, robotics and healthcare industries where the safety property is crucial and also who are interested in adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering(MBSE).

More information about Astah System Safety on the website of the manufacturer.

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