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Founded 2011 by Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal, BrowserStack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform, relied upon by developers across the globe.

The User can choose from over 3,000 real mobile devices, browsers and operating systems and rely on a secure, scalable infrastructure to support thousands of concurrent manual and automated tests.

BrowserStack has offices in Mumbai, Dublin and San Francisco. Today, more than 25,000 customers around the globe rely on BrowserStack.

Compuwave is an official distribution partner of BrowserStack for Europe.

Website testing solutions:

  • Live
  • Automate Pro

Mobile app testing solutions:

  • App Live
  • App Automate
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Website BrowserStack


Cross browser testing tool

Interactive web-based testing on 3,000+ browsers and real devices instantly.


  • Real Device Cloud 
    Run your cross browser tests on a range of real Android and iOS devices for the most accurate test results.
  • 3,000+ desktop browsers 
    Use our cross browser testing tool to test across new and old versions of IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Windows and macOS.
  • Test on dev environment 
    Test websites hosted on internal dev and staging environments, or behind firewalls, with zero setup or configuration.
  • Native experience 
    Test on the real thing — real browsers on real machines with media streaming, developer tools, keyboard shortcuts and much more.
  • Real-time debugging 
    Debug your cross browser tests on mobile and desktop browsers using our pre-installed developer tools.
  • Security & Privacy 
    Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session. Read more about security.

Automate Pro

Automate Pro - Automated Selenium testing on Desktop and Mobile Browsers

Instant Selenium testing on desktop browsers, real iOS and Android devices.


  • Real devices and browsers 
    Harness our Selenium grid to start testing instantly on 3,000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.
  • Parallel test runs 
    Run hundreds of tests concurrently to speed up the execution time of your test suite by more than 10x.
  • Seamless integration 
    Integrate in minutes using popular languages and frameworks. Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins.
  • Test on dev environments 
    Test websites hosted on development environments or behind firewalls with zero setup or configuration.
  • Comprehensive debugging 
    Debug with ease using video recordings, automated screenshots of errors, text logs, console logs and network logs.
  • Security & Privacy 
    Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session.

App Live

Interactive Mobile App Testing

Instant access to 3,000+ real iOS and Android devices. Say goodbye to your device lab.


  • Real Device Cloud 
    Test on a range of real devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, Nexus and more on multiple Android and iOS versions.
  • Real-world conditions 
    Leverage 15+ native device features like GPS, network simulation, localization and more to replicate real user conditions.
  • Natural gestures 
    Interact with your mobile app on the remote device, just as you would with a device in hand. Tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more.
  • Real-time debugging 
    Debug your app, view crash reports and logs, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs instantly.
  • Test dev environments 
    Test your native and hybrid apps out of the box on internal development and staging environments.
  • Test dev and published apps 
    Upload, test and collaborate on your dev APK/IPA files. Or install production apps from Play Store/App Store and start testing.

App Automate

App Automate - Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated mobile app testing on real mobile devices.


  • Integrate effortlessly 
    Integrate with BrowserStack using Appium, Espresso, XCUITest and EarlGrey.
  • Speed up your test runs 
    Test your builds faster by running tests concurrently across thousands of devices.
  • Real Device Cloud 
    Instant access to wide range of Real iOS and Android devices for more accurate App testing results.
  • Test dev servers 
    Test your apps on internal development and staging environments or behind firewalls, with zero setup or configuration.
  • Debug and fix instantly 
    Debug your Apps instantly using text logs, video recordings and screenshots of the test run.
  • Easy App Upload 
    Never upload the same build twice. Use REST API to query your most recent builds or upload a new build.
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