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18 years ago Edgenexus started building technology to make the internet faster. Since then their passion for speed has only been out shone by Edgenexus dedication to simplicity and usability. Every day Edgenexus tries to make their products easier to use whilst at the same time adding more advanced features. The team believes that application delivery and security technology has typically been too expensive, too complicated, and extremely inflexible. That's why they made the deployment and configuration of application delivery technology, such as load balancers and web application firewalls, as easy as installing an app on your phone.

Edgenexus' Load balancers/ Application Delivery Controllers, (WAF) Web Application Firewalls and (GSLB) Global Servers Load Balancers work beautifully together connected with a simple to use and elegant interface.

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Edgenexus Load Balancer (ADC Application Delivery Controller)

Edgenexus is the most powerful and easiest to use Load Balancer /ADC (Application Delivery Controller) available
Edgenexus' ADC Load Balancer allows you to quickly implement and manage security, traffic, SSO/Pre-authentication, and, of course, load balancing. It's High Performing, Next-Gen Load Balancer.


  • Layer 4-7 Load Balancing
  • Pre-Authorisation and Single Sign-On
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Advanced Server Health Monitoring
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Powerful SSL Offload
  • Application Acceleration
  • Traffic Manipulation

Why Choose Edgenexus ADC?

Total Flexibility with easy to use traffic management
Edgenexus' load balancers offer more than simple server redundancy. Conquer real-world application delivery challenges with intelligent easy to use traffic management.

Unprecedented Ease Of Use
The intuitive interface makes configuration a fast, painless experience for experts and novices alike.

Maximum Platform Flexibility
Deliver resilient and responsive services with granular control over your application traffic. Edgenexus load balancers give you the power to do more.

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Edgenexus Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB)

GSLB provides Multi data center, Multi-cloud, and Hybrid cloud Load Balancing and Fail over.
Distribute data and users between multiple data centers and clouds to deliver fast, scalable and resilient applications regardless of location. Implement load balancing and fail over policies based on several criteria, including advanced health checks and user geo-location.

Why Do I Need Global Server Load Balancing?
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) gives you ultimate control in your application delivery service. Ensure that users from certain geographic locations are sent to the right data center. Ensure that different content is served (or blocked) to different users, depending on several criteria such as the country that the client is in, the resource they are requesting, the language, etc.

How Does Global Server Load Balancing Work?
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is typically used to provide data center failover or to enhance end user performance by directing users to their closest data centers using geolocation. GSLB is a DNS based system that manipulates the DNS response based on the availability and performance profile of the data centers.

Resiliency and Disaster Recovery
Run two data centers in an Active-Passive architecture so that if one data center fails, traffic will be sent to the other.
Load Balancing and Geo-Location
Distribute traffic between multiple data centers in an Active-Active architecture based on specific criteria including: fixed weight, round robin, data center health check, geo-location of the client etc.  

How Do I Deploy Global Server Load Balancing?
The GSLB solution runs as an integrated, containerised application on the Edgenexus load balancer in a secure environment. Global Server Load Balancing has traditionally been complex to setup and configure but Edgenexus simplifies this, offering an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI.
The Edgenexus Global Server Load Balancer container for Docker can be downloaded from the Edgenexus App Store.

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Edgenexus Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Edgenexus Web Application Firewall provides Application Level Security for Web Based Applications.

What is a Web Application Firewall?
The Edgenexus Application Firewall is a virtual appliance (Isolated container) that protects Web applications by controlling the conversation between the application and clients. It runs at the application layer and aims to fill the security gap that traditional firewalls fail to address. It can be download via the app store here and new rules can be downloaded here.

  • Satisfy PCI-DSS and OWASP application firewall requirements.
  • Using leading edge containerisation technology to isolate each application firewall instance.
  • Fast and easy to deploy and configure.
  • Cost effective

Edgenexus Web Application Firewall Features
The Edgenexus Web Application Firewall incorporates industry leading, hardened firewall technology to provide Layer 7 application protection for web-based applications.

  • HTTP Protocol Protection
  • Real-time Blacklist Lookups
  • HTTP Denial of Service Protections
  • Generic Web Attack Protection
  • Error Detection and Hiding
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Edgenexus Application Delivery Platform (EADP)

Last decade's Load Balancers are today's Application Delivery Platform. Time to get up to date.

  • The Edgenexus ADP Application Delivery Platform is the natural evolution of the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) that is in turn the evolution of the humble load balancer.
  • It is also the only most advanced Edge computing platform available.

The Edgenexus ADP is a platform that delivers all the services and functionality that you need to deliver fast, scalable and secure applications both now and into the future.

It can be deployed almost anywhere, in practically any format, and offers not just the key functionality we need now such as advanced load balancing, security, application firewall, global DNS, cloud migrations etc., but a platform to deliver new services.

By deploying new apps and services directly onto the platform, the role and functionality can change as your business requirements change, thus ensuring your solution is future proof.

Its is not really an evolution of the load balancer, but a generational step-change and its role in the application network is fully enforced.

How does it actually work?

  • Advanced ADC
    By deploying new apps and services directly onto the platform, the role and functionality can change as your business requirements change thus ensuring your solution is future proof.
  • Containerization Stack
    Edgenexus current use Docker, to provide abstraction and additional security between the applications and the host platform, i.e. the ADP.
  • Appstore
    This is where you can find new applications to deploy on your ADC. You can also download new traffic management rules and platform updates, amongst other things. You are also able to purchase and deploy internet integrated services.
  • The Forge
    The Forge is where you create your own Apps - As long as it can run on Linux it can probably run on the ADP.
  • Smartfiles
    This is how we secure and deliver apps. Smartfiles are encrypted files that contain the app and other data such as the vendor, version, logo and integration instructions etc. Smartfiles are encrypted for the platform they are intended for.
  • CSM: Cloud Service Manager
    The Cloud Service Manager allows the ADP to integrate and deploy external cloud-based services, from CDN to Multi-cloud device management.
  • Full REST API
    The 'Glue' that connects the platform to the components. Allows the monitoring and configuration of the ADP from external software.
  • Hummingbird Advanced GUI
    Ease of use is engineered into, and across the platform as a first principle. This assures all the tools translate into business, technical and commercial agility.


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