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Extensis was founded in 1993 in Portland, Oregon, to help remove those barriers that held back our customers’ creativity. We began our journey by focusing on the needs of the creative community on the Apple Macintosh platform, through plug-ins that extended the usefulness and capabilities of Adobe and Quark products.

In 2005, Extensis moved to focus exclusively on font management and digital asset management technologies and sold its plug-in line of products. The company continued to innovate and was awarded over 20 font patents. Now growing at a rapid clip, Extensis expanded its global presence into the U.K., France, Germany, and Australia, with 29 patents.

In 2018 Extensis merged with sister company LizardTech — also owned by Celartem — bringing LizardTech’s state-of-the-art software solutions for compressing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data into Extensis’ suite of products. Customers of Extensis and LizardTech now have access to additional solutions for maximizing the value of their digital assets.

Compuwave GmbH is Official Distribution Partner of Extensis for France.


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Suitcase Fusion

The Font Manager for Uninterrupted Creativity

Auto-Activation plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch
Precision auto-activation ensures that the right fonts will activate at the right time when you open documents in Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Sketch.

Easy font activation on Demand
With just a few clicks, it’s easy to activate the fonts you need right when you need them — and turn them off when you don’t.

Visual Font List Previews
Preview first. Activate later. Suitcase Fusion gives you a sneak peek at how your type will look in any of your available fonts. Glyphs, sizes, full sentences — you can see them all before activating them. List Preview mode lets you quickly preview and compare as many fonts as you need.

Powerful search tools
Searching for fonts should be quick and easy. Find the fonts you need in seconds so you can stay focused and create your best work.

See a font that’s almost — but not quite — what you need? Search your collection with QuickMatch to find similar alternative fonts fast.

Accurate Font Activation
Using Extensis’ patented technology, get the exact right font every single time. Avoid font errors and font conflicts to ensure consistency.

Font panels in Adobe applications
Your entire font collection, including third-party fonts, is instantly accessible and ready to be activated within Adobe applications from the Extensis font panel.

Document Font Tracking
Suitcase Fusion remembers all the fonts used in documents created with supported apps including Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, and Affinity. Find fonts faster, get insights, and save your favorites for future projects.

Cloud sync included
Peace of mind is never worrying about losing fonts or having to transfer them between computers. Simply sync them to the cloud and back them up using Suitcase’s TypeSync feature.

Powerful organization
Use this font organizer to get your workflow in order. Create font libraries, sets, and smart searches to save you time.

Easily manage fonts from Adobe Fonts
Access and manage fonts synced from Adobe Fonts alongside the rest of your font collection.

Google Fonts at your fingertips
Build an instant font collection in Suitcase Fusion with nearly 1000 fonts from the Google Font library.

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