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The German TeamViewer GmbH is the leading provider of solutions in the area of remote maintenance, remote access and online meetings. The remote access software TeamViewer is available in over 30 languages worldwide and has over 200 million users.

Compuwave GmbH is the distribution partner of TeamViewer in D/A/CH and France.


TeamViewer – the All-In-One Software Solution for Remote Support and Online Meetings

TeamViewer provides a clean, easy-to-use interface to empower you with state-of-the-art remote access technology. Examples of how TeamViewer can simplify your everyday life

Geräte mit TeamViewer fernsteuern und fernwarten.

Remote Support
Provide internal support or support services for customers:

  • Internal IT support: From enterprises to small businesses, support all of your company’s employees and their various devices.
  • IT support services: Provide IT support to many customers and easily maintain accurate records while doing so.
  • Customer technical support: Assist your cuustomers with using your products and services.

Remote Access

Connecting to Devices Set up permanent access and remotely control, monitor, and maintain devices:

  • Unattended access:Use TeamViewer to access computers anywhere, at any time.
  • Enterprise-wide device management: TeamViewer can be used as an incredibly simple, yet powerful IT management platform that you can integrate directly into your work environment.
  • Maintain unattended devices: Maintain and monitor remote devices and equipment from the comfort and safety of somewhere else.

Meetings & Collaboration
Conduct meetings, presentations, training seminars, and interactive conferences:

  • Presentations and meetings: Board meetings, sales pitches, or a doctoral thesis defense: TeamViewer brings everyone together.
  • Communication and collaboration: Work together on a project, or exchange ideas and information in group discussions or private conversations via chat, VoIP, and video.

Home Office
Home Office Work from home for the day, or even make your home your office:

  • Connect to your office computer: Work from home by accessing your office computer and working as if you were sitting in front of it.
  • Use your home PC to connect to anywhere: Your home is your office. Use your Computer to connect to clients, partners, and business associates.

Mobile Connections on the Go
Use your mobile device to provide support or connect to your computer from anywhere.

Remotely Support Mobile Devices
Provide technical support for mobile devices or for your own mobile app.

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TeamViewer Internet of Things

TeamViewer IoT - Remote Operations, Assistance and Alarming for all IoT endpoints

Fast implementation of remote operations, remote assistance and remote alarming for all types of endpoints with TeamViewer's secure, user-friendly, reliable and scalable cloud IoT solutions:

  • Remote Access & Control of Endpoints with Remote Operations
  • Endpoint repair with Remote Assistance
  • Fast intervention with remote alarming

Why TeamViewer IoT?
Thanks to an easy-to-use cloud dashboard, rule engine and fully documented APIs, companies from different industries can realize high value-added IoT application cases with TeamViewer IoT.

  • Combining remote control and access with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Remote control of endpoints and acceleration of operations - Scaling according to individual needs
  • Fast response to faults through personalized warnings from the monitored data
  • Remote access and maintenance to remotely troubleshoot equipment and machinery problems
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity - without complicated IoT VPNs

Main features

  • Real-time data visualization on the Edge and in the Cloud
  • One-click monitoring and control
  • Multiconditional rules and data-based alerts
  • Remote screen polling
  • Remote control of Edge devices without complicated system configuration
  • Fast, flexible integration - TeamViewer IoT seamlessly integrates with popular third-party platforms using the TeamViewer SDK and available APIs

TeamViewer loT: Selected industrial applications

TeamViewer IoT for manufacturing companies
Gain a comprehensive view of the status and performance of your machines with real-time information and remotely troubleshoot problems.

TeamViewer IoT for Utilities - Renewable Energies
Connect and troubleshoot distributed renewable energy generation and storage systems or provide remote support.

TeamViewer IoT for Building & Infrastructure Companies
Monitor and control systems in residential and commercial properties remotely to reduce operational maintenance and on-site visits and increase customer satisfaction.

TeamViewer IoT for Logistics & Transport Companies
Perform proactive health checks on freight and transportation vehicles or remotely connect to warehouses and logistics centers to remotely manage them and support local service personnel.


TeamViewer Global Access Network

  • 1,110 routers worldwide
  • Management of over 45 million simultaneous connections - around the clock
  • Complete cloud-based, highly scalable infrastructure
  • Advanced algorithms to determine the best possible, lowest latency connection
  • No overloaded central data centers

TeamViewer Security

  • End-to-end encryption - no one, including TeamViewer, can read the encrypted data stream
  • Data storage either in the TeamViewer cloud (hosted in Germany, ensuring DSGVO compliance) or in your own network and with the TeamViewer Rule Engine for alarms from the Edge device - in both cases full data sovereignty is guaranteed
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Available in over 30 languages and with more than 200 million users worldwide, TeamViewer is one of the world’s most popular remote control and online meeting solutions. It quickly and securely connects to devices all over the world without the need for a VPN and includes powerful features for managing even large numbers of users and devices. TeamViewer is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and Chrome OS devices.


TeamViewer Business

The ideal solution for individuals and small businesses.

The "Business" license includes: 

  • 1 user profile (on up to 3 devices)
  • 1 session channel
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Management Console (basic features)
  • Manage up to 200 unattended devices


TeamViewer Premium

Professional-level features for advanced users and small teams.

The "Premium" license includes: 

  • Multiple user profiles (on unlimited devices)
  • 1 session channel
  • Add up to 1 more channel
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Management Console (professional features)
  • Manage up to 400 unattended devices
  • Support for mobile devices


TeamViewer Corporate

For large teams and companies supporting IT infrastructures.

The "Corporate" license includes: 

  • Multiple user profiles (on unlimited devices)
  • 3 session channels
  • Add up to 9 more channels
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Management Console (enterprise features)
  • Manage up to 1000 unattended devices
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Mass deployment (MSI, Android Host)
  • 12 months Priority Support

It is a pleasure to provide you with a quote: as we only work with daily based prices, please contact us under salescompuwavede or call us +49 (0) 89 - 231 4142 – 0.

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TeamViewer Remote Management

IT Management through a Single Pane of Glass

Offer the best service for your clients and users.

TeamViewer Remote Management provides you with the services that you need to amaze your clients with superb IT support, or improve your own IT management – Completely integrated into your TeamViewer experience.

The Right Services for Optimized IT Service Management


Asset Management

Endpoint Protection


More about TeamViewer Remote Management

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A Secure Global Workspace for Enterprises. Discover TeamViewer Tensor™, the Enterprise Remote Support, Remote Access, and Remote Device Control SaaS Solution You Can Deploy and Scale in Hours, Not Days.

Increase Team Productivity Through Enhanced Global Connectivity With TeamViewer Tensor™

1.7+ Billion devices connected

40+ Million sessions per day

TeamViewer Tensor™  is a cloud-based enterprise connectivity platform enabling large-scale IT management framework deployments quickly and easily. Built upon the world’s largest remote connection infrastructure already covering 200 countries and connecting more than 1.7B devices, TeamViewer Tensor™ scales linearly to the needs of your enterprise, providing the industry’s leading connectivity and real-time support tools in a convenient, ready-to-deploy SaaS environment.

Your advantages at a glance

Single Sign-On Security

Device-Agnostic Connectivity

Comprehensive Logging

Silent Rollout

Your IoT Device, Our Global Network

Augmented Reality Remote Guidance

More about TeamViewer Tensor

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TeamViewer Pilot

Enhance your remote support with augmented reality - See what your customer sees

Augmented reality is shifting the boundaries of remote support.

Augmented reality enables you to fix issues beyond the screen – no matter how far away you are. With TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution TeamViewer Pilot, you will be able to see through your connection partner’s smartphone camera. At a glance, you can observe any kind of equipment, machinery, infrastructure issue, and more. Guide your partner by setting 3D markers onto real-world objects.

Remote Camera Sharing and Real-Time Video Streaming

Enable your on-site employees or clients to share their smartphone’s camera view. The camera acts as your eyes so you can see the problem and help the person on-site address it.


Speak to the service technician or client on the other side of the screen, giving them detailed instructions on how to fix the issue at hand..

Highlighting on 3D Objects

Help the on-site employee or customer fix the issue by drawing and highlighting on the screen onto real-world objects.

Freeze image

Pause the video stream to get a clear still image to highlight and discuss technical details, as well as work hands-free.

More about TeamViewer Pilot