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XSplit offers a range of intuitive tools that make visual communication simple and effective.

XSplit was founded in 2009 with the vision of making visual communication simple. The team sets out to build an easy-to-use tool that would help people to create TV-like broadcasts for the internet from their laptop or desktop. This would eventually become XSplit Broadcaster, a live streaming and recording application that is now being used by millions of people around the world to create video content for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more. In fact, it was one of the catalysts that helped create the multi billion dollar video game live streaming industry.

XSplit now counts many thousands of global organizations as customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

XSplit's ultimate goal is to help people and businesses share their ideas, stories, knowledge, or content with the world through video.

XSplit's suite of video tools work with:

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XSplit VCam

XSplit VCam makes cutting edge background removal and blurring possible with any webcam

Adding a green screen to your PC setup is time consuming and costly, not to mention difficult to move. XSplit VCam offers cutting edge background replacement without the need for complex setups, and tons of space - no matter where you are. 

Add a high quality blur effect to your webcam without the need for extra hardware. Give your webcam a DSLR or Portrait Mode style effect with an adjustable blur slider. Hide your messy room, maintain privacy and improve the production value of your broadcast. XSplit VCam supports JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs or even full web pages, giving you unlimited personalization options for background replacement. The fastest alternative to a green screen.

XSplit VCam works with all major video chat applications and conferencing solutions, letting you give colleagues or friends a high quality video presentation whether in office or out. Perfect for remote work, virtual interviews, customer support, one-to-one sales meetings, teaching or consultation services.

XSplit VCam

Further information about XSplit VCam

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XSplit Broadcaster

The powerful all-in-one solution for creating live streams and recordings with limitless customization options

Simply drag, drop and resize a multitude of media sources like images, videos, GIFs and web pages. Add Skype calls with just a click or screen capture your Zoom, Teams, or Discord calls!
XSplit Broadcaster is more than just a screen recorder. Manage everything from a single monitor with the In-Game HUD or use multiple displays with our projector mode. Using OBS? Use our OBS Importer to get you started.

Powerful Production Features:

  • Scene Presets
    Add multiple animations and broadcast effects to your scenes
  • Noise Suppression
    Reduce unwanted background noise in app
  • Projector Output
    Project any scene, including your active scene to another monitor or display
  • Media Slideshow
    Loop multiple images or videos to decorate your BRB screen or show your appreciation to sponsors and supporters
  • Per Scene Audio
    Adjust the audio levels for each individual scene
  • and many more...

XSplit Broadcaster User Interface

Further information about XSplit Broadcaster

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XSplit Connect: Webcam

Use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam on your PC 

No webcam? No problem.
Use XSplit Connect: Webcam to turn your smartphone into a webcam for conference calls, presentations, video content, or live streams right from your Laptop or Desktop Computer.

  • Step 1: Download XSplit Connect: Webcam Mobile App 
  • Step 2: Download XSplit VCam for your PC
  • Step 3: Open XSplit Connect: Webcam mobile app and connect to your PC

XSplit Connect: Webcam

Further information about XSplit Connect: Webcam

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XSplit Presenter

Deliver awesome presentations from anywhere!

Import your Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, easily add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or your computer and connect to your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or any other platform to easily give your presentation more flair!

Works with:

XSplit Presenter Applications


  • Make your presentations more personal by becoming a part of the presentation
    Easily add your webcam on top of your presentation and activate your virtual green screen to remove the background in a snap.
  • Annotate your presentation in real-time
    A virtual presentation needs a virtual pointer. Help your viewers focus on the right things at the right time with quick and easy annotations that draw their attention.
  • Keep your desktop private while still being able to share windows and applications
    Want to show a website or application to illustrate a point during a Q&A? Select and add specific windows or applications to your presentation with a few simple clicks without needing to share your entire screen and avoid any privacy pitfalls.
  • Record your presentation and upload to Youtube
    Presenter allows you to easily create a video of your presentation to share asynchronously with friends, colleagues, customers, or partners. Simply take the video and upload it to your favorite video platforms or have it automatically synced.
  • and many more...

XSplit Presenter

Further information about XSplit Presenter

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XSplit Capture

Record or screenshot your desktop and share it instantly
  • Step 1: Select the area of your screen you want to capture
  • Step 2: Make a video or take a screenshot and add annotations or voice-over
  • Step 3: Paste and share the unique link so others can see it

Every screenshot and recording you create is saved and easily accessible from your account.

XSplit Capture

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