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ZeroTurnaround is the labor of love by a global team of 150+. The company’s go-to-market heart beats in Boston, Massachusetts, while the development feet are firmly planted (and rapidly growing) in Estonia, at two offices in Tallinn and Tartu. ZeroTurnaround also has a branch in Prague, Czech Republic. The company is dedicated to making developers lives better, and now has over 65,000 active users at 5,200+ customers, including 36% of Fortune 100, in 80+ countries.

JRebel is ZeroTurnaround's award-winning flagship product. We offer full versions and renewals for JRebel as well as for the Java profiler XRebel.

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JRebel, ZeroTurnaround's flagship product, is a JVM Java Agent that integrates with application servers, making classes reloadable with existing class loaders. Only changed classes are recompiled and instantly reloaded in the running application. JRebel plugs into IDEs and build systems. Classes and static resources are loaded straight from the workspace. JRebel integrates with over 90 frameworks. Dedicated JRebel plugins will rebuild caches, rewire components and apply configuration to the runtime as necessary.

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JRebel for Android

NEW! JRebel for Android picks up changes to your application and skips the build, install and run steps. Make code or resource file changes and see the effect immediately. All this without changing the state of the application. Modify resources in real-time on one device or more. Make sure that your app looks and feels perfect. Changing project code is immediately reflected on the device. Tinker with your code and get instant feedback. Find out where it breaks, then fix and test the new code easily. JRebel for Android integrates with Android Studio and Gradle.

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XRebel Local

XRebel Local is a lightweight Java profiler that provides developers real time feedback on application performance in local development so bugs can be debugged and resolved faster.

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XRebel Hub

XRebel Hub finds performance regressions in test: the developer tool shifts performance management to the left so that issues can be found before they reach the customer and root causes will be diagnosed faster.