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Remote Access, Remote Support and Remote Control for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

Working together? Accessing your apps from the road? Showing family videos to your friends? No problem with AnyDesk. And your data stays at home.

Remotely access your computer from anywhere. Via smartphone or tablet.


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Maximum Security

Your data are protected from unwanted access. AnyDesk offers TLS 1.2 based encryption which is also used in online banking. Both ends of a connection are cryptographically verified so no one can take over your AnyDesk-ID and pretend to be you. Set up your own AnyDesk Enterprise Network if you need absolute certainty no one else is pulling the strings. With AnyDesk network appliance on premise, no unencrypted data will ever leave your company’s DMZ.

Maximum Speed

AnyDesk uses DeskRT to provide a considerably better image quality and responsiveness. DeskRT is a new and innovative video codec specifically designed for the transmission of image material from graphical user interfaces. AnyDesk connections are being routed over Erlang-based servers. This technology is widely used in large and robust telecommunication systems. And its reliability makes sure the program is available whenever you need it.

Maximum Independence

You don’t need anyone else confirming your session. Reboots of your computer can be performed completely independently. With AnyDesk you’re further independent from the operating system: no matter if Windows, Linux, macOS, Android or iOS – the program allows remote-control for all computers and mobile devices.

Comfort at the highest level

AnyDesk runs smoothly in the background allowing you to work without any interruption. Installation is not required. The program is a great tool to boost your productivity and is still surprisingly easy to use: CAD, video editing or simply working comfortably with an office suite for hours are just a few examples.

Better Teams

AnyDesk improves teamwork and collaboration in your organization. It allows your team to work together no matter what distance: from finalizing documents, communication via chat, online meetings, product trainings, webinars, presentations through to exchanging files.

Access Restriction

Access restriction defines all access authorized users. Thus you can ensure that an authorized person only is allowed to put a request for access. For instance, access restriction can be installed on all IT department computers or on your personal laptop exclusively.

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