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Device42 Inc., a leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), delivers comprehensive, low cost solutions that helps companies visualize their infrastructure, understand network inter-dependencies, improve network security, and mitigate the impacts of planned and unplanned IT network changes. Device42 software centralizes data center management making IT assets visible, understandable, and controllable.

Compuwave is official distributor of Device42.

Data Center Management. Comprehensive. Easy. Integrated.

Centralize all your IT infrastructure related info in one tool. With life power monitoring and control.

From its inception, in 2010, Device42 has listened closely to customer needs and designed solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements. As a result, Device42 software is used by a rapidly growing number of companies of all sizes, in more than 20 countries.

Device 42 can be implemented in a modular approach which provides infrastructure teams with functionality that is available at several levels.  Teams can implement the core requirements to effectively manage the IT infrastructure and then add functionality to the core capabilities in order to meet their exact needs and requirements.

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Device42 modules

Device42 modules include:

Device42 Core Module

The core module is the foundation of any additional module. The major capabilities of the core Device42 application include DCIM and Asset Management, IP Address Management and Password Management.


Software License Management Module

While understanding what assets are deployed across the data center infrastructure is a critical component, it’s also important for organizations to create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server, to the desktop level.

Software License Management with Premium Security

Everything in the Software License Management module and in addition: Premium vulnerability detection with data feed from RiskBasedSecurity’s VulnDB

Services Discovery

The Core license gives you all the hardware assets inventory and relationships between physical, virtual and cloud layer. Services discovery licenses takes it a step further and also finds all the services that are running on those assets, what ports are these services listening on and what remote machines are connecting to these services.

Enterprise Application Mapping

Enterprise application mapping includes everything from Services discovery and adds the following features: service to service connections between the machines, applications discovery like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, IIS etc., Config discovery for known applications and information about the instances that are running on the DB servers etc.

Power and Environmental Monitoring Module

Device42 also has the ability to monitor power and environmental sensors located throughout the data center. This capability is NOT part of the core product software and is an add-on capability to the core module. Device42 power an environmental monitoring will also identify, track, and report data (such as temperature and humidity) collected from environmental sensors attached to PDUs.

Power Control Module

Device42 can also enable control for turning outlets on and off from within the application and changing the temperature settings on CRACs. This capability is enabled by an add-on Power Control module that must be used in conjunction with the Power and Environmental Module.