Migration Microsoft Teams with ShareGate Desktop

In a few clicks, migrate teams to another tenant

Quickly and easily migrate all teams from one tenant to another while keeping a maximum of data along the way

With more than 75 million daily active users (April 2020 – up from 20 million in November), Microsoft Teams is without question one of the most important components of the Office 365 ecosystem. Microsoft will finally replace Skype for Business Online by Microsoft Teams from July 2021, so more companies will make the move to adopt it.

Because Teams is such a critical part of how businesses work today – think chat, virtual meetings, collaborative work – its contents (conversations, files, tabs, apps, permissions, membership, etc.) are extremely valuable to any business.

Unfortunately, migrating Teams content is not as straightforward as migrating SharePoint content. The main reason is that Microsoft does not offer a technological solution specifically designed to export this type of information and import it back into another tenant. The APIs publicly available to do this are less than optimal and are still in development.

The problem to be solved

When it comes down to migrating Teams from one tenant to another, there’s no easy way to do it. To migrate a Team’s conversations and files to another organization’s Teams: Doing this on your own without a tool requires significant time and effort.

Third party tools have their own solutions to migrate Teams from one tenant to another, but usually they are expensive and not that easy to use. Some vendors charge on a per-team basis which can quickly become expensive, while others only offer enterprise pricing.

ShareGate Desktop now offers a solution

In a few clicks, migrate Teams to another tenant:

  • Bring along all the conversation history, public channels, team settings, files, permissions, membership, apps, tabs and SharePoint site customizations
  • Automatically map users at the destination to ensure the right people have access to the right Teams, with the right set of permissions
  • Easily review errors that could have happened during your migration and get information on how to fix those issues 

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