TeamViewer - new channel sales program

New TeamViewer channel sales program

It’s profitable and easy with the TeamViewer Partner Program!

The previously known non-, silver-, gold- and platinum-partner-levels were abolished, in the future there will only be Business Partners and Top Certified Partners:

TeamViewer Business Partner - Get access to exclusive campaigns
TeamViewer Top Certified Partner - Take your partnership to the next level

As TeamViewer Business Partner and as TeamViewer Top Certified Partner you receive attractive discounts on premium and corporate licenses as well as TeamViewer Pilot, Remote Management, MDS and Add Ons.

Your contact person: 
Mr. Marcus Denner

phone: +49-89-2314142-23
email: bjoern.wellercompuwavede

Your qualifications TeamViewer 
Business Partner
TeamViewer Top Certified Partner
Revenue agreement 
Signed Partner Contract 

Partner Certification 

TeamViewer Certifications & Trainings
TeamViewer Partner Certification
(3 Level – Welcome/Intermediate/Advanced) 

Sales Webinar recommended required
Technical Webinar recommended required
Annual Certification Refresh Training 

Your General benefits
Partner Discount ⬤ 
Business plan agreement 

Revenue Back End Partner Program by invitation 
Spiff Incentive Program by invitation 
Order process via distributor via distributor
Your Sales and Marketing Benefits
Dedicated TeamViewer Channel Account Manager 

PreSale Support 

Access to Partner Portal & Listed to Partner Locator 

Access to Marketing Tool Box 

NFR License ⬤ 
Marketing Development Fund Plan